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Timing for MBA Admissions Application

Applying to MBA programs takes time. It may take a year to get through self-assessment, research, test preparation, budgeting, applying, satisfying prerequisite requirements, and enrolling. Most business schools accept applicants from a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds. However, it is common for schools to request that specific coursework be taken prior to enrollment to address deficiencies in mathematics, computing technology, and/or statistics.

Prerequisites at most schools are a condition of enrollment rather than admission, allowing you
to apply without the required courses and take them the summer before matriculation. It may enhance your applications and strengthen your skills, however, if you take prerequisite courses prior to applying to school.

Time your GMAT so you have your scores well in advance of the schools' deadlines, and with enough time to re-take it if necessary. Ideally, submit your applications early, well before the stated deadlines. This demonstrates a serious interest in the program increases your likelihood of receiving scholarship money.

Acceptances start around February. Once admitted, re-examine your motives for attending an MBA program. Look at each program to which you have been accepted and re-evaluate the pros and cons. Take into account anything that has changed in your life since you first applied. Please feel free to contact the school if you would like to discuss your applications or have your draft essays reviewed.

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