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Strategic Project Intern Job Description

Job Description:
MBA Summer Interns spend 10 weeks at a casino property in one of the 21 property locations.  

During the 10-week timeframe, each intern will be assigned to a project in a corporate staff department.  While adding value within the department, interns also gain exposure to the overall management and operation of our business.

Projects undertaken are relevant activities that add significant value to the organization.  The number and subject of projects will be determined by individual departments, in conjunction with individual Summer Intern career goals.  Recent projects have included: Analysis of new slot programs, succession planning implementation, strategic internet alliances, and national promotions.

Interns also have the opportunity to interact with employees and guests on the casino floor and attend management meetings.  Although there is a framework to the program, it is also somewhat unstructured.  Interns must be able to take initiative, be flexible and guide themselves to a certain degree.

From our group of Summer Interns, we will make offers for entry into our President's Associate program upon graduation.  This program provides the opportunity for high-potential MBA graduates to develop the knowledge necessary to fill a key role in the management team at either the property or corporate level.

Qualifications & Experience:
MBA, MMH, or MILR candidate from a top-ranked program
3-4 years quality work experience
Supervisory experience
Strong financial/analytical skills, and mental agility
Leadership skills

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