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Risk Management Job Description

We are known for our ability to provide our clients with innovative approaches to participating in the financial marketplace, managing balance sheets, and optimizing capital structures. But we also manage our own market, credit, liquidity and business risks. As a Financial Management Associate, you'll work in one of the most stimulating environments in the industry.

The Financial Management Associate program will provide you with exposure to these critical functions within Bear Stearns. From the beginning, we'll put you to work tackling challenging projects in areas such as:

The Risk Management Department seeks to understand the market risk profile of each trading area and to ensure accurate internal reporting of the firm's risk positions. As a risk management associate, you will assist a senior risk manager with reviews of daily activity and a variety of special projects.

The Global Credit Department measures and monitors the risk Bear Stearns faces when dealing with counterparties that must meet forward obligations arising from a variety of sophisticated fixed income, equity and commodity products. You may model unusual derivatives transactions to determine the potential credit exposure they create for Bear Stearns; assess the creditworthiness of our counterparties; and use stress-testing techniques to analyze portfolios of trades.

As part of the Chief Financial Officer's team, this group assesses the adequacy of Bear Stearns' capital and funding structure and evaluates how well the business units utilize allocated capital resources. Your responsibilities in this group would be to help evaluate a wide variety of performance measures and funding/liquidity analyses.


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