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Operations/Manufacturing Career Description

Service Operations

Line managers will spend a good part of their time resolving immediate problems in service delivery. Responsibilities include staffing, productivity, and quality and customer satisfaction. Expect to work closely with marketing and corporate planning staffs in developing business and product plans. Service managers also assess technological changes and plan for systems needs both in the short term and long term.

Manufacturing Operations

Operations line managers will spend a majority of their time resolving immediate problems concerning production. Responsibilities include production process improvement, demand planning, raw material sourcing, inventory utilization, product quality issues, worker staffing, employee productivity and motivation, and customer satisfaction. Line managers will also be expected to identify long-term problems and resources necessary for resolution. Typically, line managers will report directly to a section manager for materials, quality or production or, in some cases, directly to a plant manager. Operations staff managers work with manufacturing sites to resolve short-term problems and long-term systems needs. You will be expected to keep up with the technological changes in your industry and to develop strategies for plan expansions, new manufacturing techniques, make/buy decisions, etc. Expect to work closely with marketing and corporate planning staffs in developing business and product plans representing manufacturing interests.


Logistics managers are concerned with procurement of raw materials from vendors, transport of materials to manufacturing sites and distribution of the finished product to distributors and/or customers. Logistics has become increasingly complex with the advent of just-in-time manufacturing and ordering, electronic links with vendors and customers, and the proliferation of distribution channels. Logistics managers are responsible for aspects of cost containment, manufacturing supply and customer service.

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