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Human and Organizational Performance Career Description


As a Human and Organizational Performance generalist, you manage the entire spectrum of Human and Organizational Performance processes for a department or an entire company, including compensation and benefits, labor relations, compliance, Human and Organizational Performance technology applications, performance management, and staffing. In addition to being a generalist, you can specialize in any one of these areas. Companies like GE have rotational programs designed to provide you generalist exposure before placing you in a management position in one of the areas of specialization.

Organizations Development &/or Effectiveness

Organizational development and effectiveness translates differently across organizations. It can be more of an internal consulting role, leadership development, process improvement, and/or selection planning, among others. This tends to be the more strategic side of Human and Organizational Performance. 

Training & Development

Managers are responsible for conducting needs assessments, instructional design and delivery, and evaluation. You can be assigned to a specific functional area, a corporate-wide training department, or a corporate university. 

Compensation and/or Benefits

Life in the compensation and benefits department of an organization is both interesting and challenging.  Sometimes referred to as the "numbers people" in the Human and Organizational Performance department, individuals in the compensation function establish and maintain the firm's pay system, including helping managers to set base salaries for positions and specific employees and designing and administering incentive programs. For public companies, there is also a high level of activity and analysis in the executive compensation area, which primarily focuses on the design and administration of stock-related programs. This area is both highly visible and highly confidential, as you might expect.

The benefits department generally handles the design and administration of the company's employee benefit program, notably its health insurance and pension plans. Expertise in designing these programs continues to gain importance as employer provided benefits account for a growing proportion of the overall compensation costs as benefit plans increase in number and complexity.

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