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Consultant Job Description

COMPANY PROFILE:  We work with clients from a wide range of industries to help them create their future by aligning their strategy with people, process, and technology. It's a high-energy environment where you can leverage your skills in collaborative, large-scale efforts.  In the process, you will have the opportunity to learn, broaden your perspective and shape the kind of career you want. Take advantage of our opportunities to maximize your potential.



A significant amount of the work that we do with our clients focuses on improving their business processes.  Business processes define how a business operates. Process professionals create groundbreaking ways to help clients stay competitive. We can help analyze a client's business processes and develop more efficient ways to operate, such as streamlining a particular business function or rethinking how an entire organization works.  In particular, Andersen Consulting is helping more of its clients transition to the world of electronic commerce and helping them to strategically position themselves within the competitive electronic economy marketplace.

Process professionals use a combination of strong business process skills and technical skills to implement information systems that manage and/or improve a client's business processes.  Process professionals work to develop broad industry experience and superior consulting skills.  Our professionals come from many backgrounds, but share analytical and problem-solving skills, basic project management and communication skills as well as the ability to manage budgets and deadline requirements.



We are seeking highly motivated MBA candidates with 3+ years of relevant consulting or business experience, superior academic achievement and strong written, oral and presentation skills. Qualified candidates will have experience in information technology, electronic commerce or related fields. Previous consulting experience or experience working in a client environment is desirable. Our professionals exhibit strong leadership qualities; superior problem identification and analytical skills; strong interpersonal and communication skills; and a well-rounded background of interests. To be successful, they have an aptitude for client interaction on both a team and individual level and have an eagerness to learn in a fast-paced, fluid environment. A sincere interest in extensive travel is required. Students interviewing for U.S. offices must have current legal authorization to work without any time limit in the U.S. for other than practical training purposes


Technology Competency Group (Group #2)

Technology Competency Group personnel deliver world-class Technology-based business solutions, they share an interest in the application of Technology to address business needs.  Applying skills in design, implementation, maintenance, and operation of Technology systems, Technology personnel empower our clients to undergo transformational change.

Technology professionals are highly skilled in planning and managing the technical design, development, construction, and delivery of technology solutions to address an organization's business needs.  Extensive knowledge of various development methodologies is critical, and these individuals are trained accordingly. Characteristics of Technology professionals include: a strong focus on technical elements of the systems development process, an ability to effectively apply development methodologies and tools, capability in the management of systems development projects, and an understanding of the needs of the industry in which solutions are delivered.

Technology Solution Delivery Consultants are the backbone of project teams in terms of managing team progress on a daily basis and helping Analysts develop their technology and project management skills.  Consultants' roles usually include design analyst, programming supervisor and team lead. They participate in quality reviews designed to ensure the team is completing work in accordance with the standards set at the onset of the project. Consultants use their detailed knowledge of the systems development process and tools, and an ability to work with a range of technologies, to drive the creation of world class technology-based business solutions.  In addition, consultants build knowledge of the industry in which they work and possess knowledge about the major business processes, products and services of that industry.

In addition to the traditional responsibilities of an Andersen Consulting Technology Consultant the eCommerce focused TSD Consultant will provide eCommerce knowledge and leadership on client engagements. The eCommerce Technology Consultant will help/lead eCommerce reviews and assessments to aid the development of eCommerce strategies for clients. The eCommerce Technology Consultant will build prototypes, develop applications and build interfaces to other enterprise systems.  


Qualifications and Experience


We are seeking highly motivated individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • At least two years of relevant experience in addition to a Bachelors or Masters degree preferred in one of the following:

          *     Engineering (all disciplines)     *     Math/Sciences

          *     Computer Science      *  MIS/CIS     

  • Eagerness to contribute in a team-oriented environment
  • Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Desire to work in an information systems environment
  • Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
  • 2 to 4 years experience in systems integration and interactive design
  • Leadership of small teams in successful systems integration, package implementation and/interactive design
  • Prior experience in  full life cycle development, including design, development, coding, testing, and implementation
  • Expertise in design and development of eCommerce systems to include   the design  of the  technical infrastructure to support eCommerce web activities
  • Experience with the delivery of successful  business to business or business to consumer  eCommerce applications
  • Experience with eCommerce packages
  • Experience with ERP packages and EDI solutions (e.g. SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft )


Technical Skills for Successful eCommerce Consultant

Client - Tier Technologies     Web-Tier  Technologies     Applications/Database - Tier  Technologies      Communications and Middleware Technologies     Enterprise Technologies

XML     HTML     DHTML     Java Script     VB Script     Schockwave     Flash      Audio/Video Formats     Graphics/Design      Other           Web Servers-     IIS-      Netscape-     Other     Commerce Servers-     MS Site Server-     Net Commerce-     CommerceOne-     Open Market-     Other      Personalization/Content Management -     BroadVision-     Vignete-     Other     Index Search Servers     Streaming Media Servers     Directories-Lightweight Directory    Access Protocol (LDAP)     Firewalls     PKI and Security      Other          Application Servers-     IBM Web Server-     Netscape Application-     Other     RDBMS-     Oracle-     SQL-     Sybase-     Other     Development-     Visual Basic-     C ++-     Java-     VB Script (ASP)-     Other     Workflow     Object Transaction Monitors (OTMs)     Other          Communication-     COM/DCOM-     CORBA     Products-     MTS-     MQ Series-     Tuxedo-     Encina-     Orbix     Technologies- Transaction  Processing                    Monitors (TPMs)- Message Oriented           Middleware (MOMs)          - Object Request Brokers          (ORBs)          - Remote Procedure Call (RPC)           Enterprise Architecture     OO Design and Development      OLTPS     CICS     IMS     DB2     Data Mining     Other Traditional Enterprise Technologies Development     Package Integration      Development     Package/Development     Package/Development


A sincere interest in extensive travel is required.

Students interviewing for U.S. offices must have current legal authorization to work without any time limit in the U.S. for other than practical training purpose


Change Management Competency Group (Group #3)


We understand human performance, how people respond to new technologies and processes, how they perform their jobs, and what tools are needed to make them more productive. We are at the forefront of helping our clients' workforces face the challenges associated with succeeding in the electronic marketplace. Our combination of human performance insight, business acumen and eEconomy expertise is critical to helping our clients create their future. Partnering with clients, we create and implement new strategies, processes and systems that move them to this goal. Our Change Management professionals focus on the people side of the change process. They are responsible for helping our clients adapt to improvements made within their organization.

Using their broad business skills, Change Management professionals design, develop, and implement communication plans, training, system documentation, performance management tools, career development models, and organization improvements. They also assist in managing a project's vision to ensure we are meeting our clients' objectives. Responsibilities evolve throughout one's career.  People in Change Management will work with clients to define requirements, create project plans, tasks and deliverables to implement value added solutions.




We are seeking highly motivated MBA candidates with 3+ years of relevant consulting or business experience, superior academic achievement, and strong interpersonal and communication skills, including solid oral, written and presentation abilities. Previous consulting experience or experience working in a client environment is desirable. Qualified applicants for Change Management must have experience in on or more of the following:  development of performance management frameworks, design of career development models, design and development of training programs and courses, technical writing, organizational development, eCommerce, and/or human resources. Additionally, applicants should possess strong leadership qualities, superior analytical abilities and an ability to solve complex business issues.


A sincere interest in extensive travel is required.

Students interviewing for U.S. offices must have current legal authorization to work without any time limit in the U.S. for other than practical training purposes.

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