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BBA Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares students for career opportunities and advancement in business and industry. Successful completion of lower- and upper-division BBA requirements ensures that graduates comprehend the relationships among marketing, quantitative theory, accountancy, economic principles and financial, human and organizational management.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree gives students an opportunity to specialize in designated fields by pursuing concentrations and minors, or to choose an individualized set of general BBA electives.

In general, BBA degree has the following specification:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

Examines the principles underlying financial arrangements, contracts, and their application to corporate financial management.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Provides a foundation for many career options in marketing administration, development, analysis, and planning with an emphasis in global and e-marketing enterprise administration.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology

Prepares students for careers designing and implementing enterprise-scale database systems.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

Teaches how to cultivate leadership and capitalize on existing entrepreneurial skills, including the evaluation of new business opportunities and team selection.

Bachelor of Business Administration in e-Commerce

Focuses on the art of effective Internet promotion and the dynamics of business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and wholesale and retail e-commerce.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources

Provides a working knowledge of planning, organizing, and managing a human resources system, as well as liability, legal exposure, life and health coverage, and labor management.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business

Teaches various strategies for transnational marketing, cultural differences in effective management styles and methods for preparing employees for overseas assignments.

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